Restorant Belmondo

Restorant Belmondo

Become our guest not only for food and drink, but also for new pleasures and experiences we can share together…

Experience a symphony of colors and aromas through dishes made from high quality ingredients inspired by the rich tradition of Albanian cuisine, where our Chefs use their innovative dishes to interpret tradition differently.

Enjoying the sun, the sea or the hotel pool you can taste our dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients, including pasta cooked by the Chefs themselves and fruit and vegetable drinks that quench your summer thirst. In the evening while you are spending a time full of fun, you can try our meat and fish specialties accompanied by an excellent selection of wines.

Bëhuni mysafiri ynë jo vetëm për ushqimin dhe pijet, por edhe për kënaqësitë dhe përvojat e reja që mund të ndajmë së bashku…

  • Sallata
  • Supa
  • Rizoto
  • Mish
  • Peshk
  • Ëmbëlsira
  • Pije Freskuese / Alkolike



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